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Beans with fried Garlic

රු 1,240

Green beans pan-fried in butter and dressed with deep fried...

Beef in black Pepper paste

රු 3,645

Beef in black pepper paste

Chicken & Cashew nuts in Curry Paste

රු 2,390

Stir fried Chicken and Cashew Nuts dressed in curry paste.

Chicken in Black Pepper Paste

රු 2,615

Stir fried Chicken dressed in black pepper paste

Fish in Black Pepper Paste

රු 3,325

Fish prepared in black pepper sauce.

Fish in Tamarind Sauce

රු 3,145

Crispy battered, salted soft fish dressed with special inhouse Tamarind...

Fried Belly Pork & Cabbage

රු 2,790

Cabbage and fried Belly Pork seasoned in Oyster and Soy...

Fried Mushrooms with Cashew nuts

රු 2,050

Fried Mushroom and Cashew Nuts dressed with a sour sauce...

Mixed Vegetable

රු 1,270

Stir fried mixed vegetable dressed in soy sauce.

Pork in black Pepper paste

රු 3,005

Pork prepared in black pepper paste

Pork Red Curry Paste

රු 3,005

Pork seasoned in Red curry paste

Prawns & Cabbage in Fish Sauce

රු 3,295

Cabbage and Prawns seasoned with Oyster and Soy sauce.

Prawns in Tamarind Sauce

රු 3,285

Prawns prepared in Chef's special Tamarind Sauce

Stir fried Beef tossed with fresh holy basil

රු 3,160

Stir fried Beef seasoned with inhouse curry paste and tossed...

Stir fried Chicken tossed with fresh holy basil

රු 2,110

Stir fried Chicken seasoned with inhouse curry paste and tossed...