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Deep fried Tofu & Mushroom in Oyster sauce

රු 1,780

Fried mushrooms and Tofu dressed with oyster and soy sauce.

Fried mushroom with cashew nuts

රු 1,995

Fried mushrooms with cashew nuts.

Fried Tofu flavored with chili and garlic

රු 1,225

Fried Tofu flavoured with chili, garlic, oyster and soy sauce.

Hot battered Cuttlefish

රු 2,870

Tender pieces of Cuttlefish soaked in buttermilk, then coated in...

Hot battered mushroom

රු 1,480

Hot battered mushroom.

Vegetable Spring Rolls

රු 1,075

Crunchy rolls filled with a savory mix of vegetable stuffing.