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Colombo 05 & Pelawatte

The Quick Thai food preparation section, which is accompanied by a Thai chef, puts their years of skill and passion into making a range of Thai cuisine specifically for you. Our inventive menu, which includes vegetarian, meat, and seafood options, is guaranteed to satisfy any foodie.

Reserve/Order On the Go

No more waiting until your food is ready, let us know your choice and pick it up on your way. Your convenience is what matters the most.

Get it Delivered On Time

Mellow out about the safety and the time. We bring your food to your doorsteps on the safest and the quickest hands out there.

Enjoy Tasty & Healthy Food

Your health and well-being are our top priorities. Our freshly prepared Thai cuisine are flavored with the freshest and healthiest ingredients.

Good Food, Good Living

Featured Thai Dishes

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Egg Fried Rice

රු 1,275

Egg Fried Rice is tossed with fluffy scrambled eggs, colorful...

Tom Yum Pork Soup

රු 2,055

Hand-craft the perfect bowl of spicy Tom Yum soup, made...

Egg Noodle with Beef

රු 2,315

Egg Noodle with Beef

Cabbage in Fish Sauce

රු 1,035

Stir-frying bite-sized pieces of green cabbage with oil and chopped...

Fried Rice Toasted with Holy Basil

රු 1,185

Thai Basil Fried Rice made in the Instant Pot! This...

Egg Noodle with Egg

රු 1,265

Egg Noodle with egg

Prawns in Green or Red Curry with Steamed Rice

රු 1,885

Prawns in Green or Red Curry with Steamed Rice

Seafood Red Curry

රු 3,295

Seafood Red Curry

Pork and Holy Basil with Steamed Rice

රු 1,260

Pork and Holy Basil with Steamed Rice

Fish in Black Pepper Paste

රු 2,795

Fish In Black Pepper Sauce prepared with sarawak Black Pepper...

Namprik Fried Rice

රු 1,355

This spicy Thai fried rice (Nam Prik Pao) is made...

Beef in Black Pepper Paste

රු 2,910

Beef in Black Pepper Paste

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If it's just for you, two of you, or a private party, we cater to all.

Welcome to Our Restaurants


Park Road, Colombo 05
#1, Park Gardens, Park Road, Colombo 00500
011 2 555 331

For those who adore nature, we cater to you at our open diner area, which can easily accommodate a group of 20 people. Feel the breeze while we impress you with our perfectly mastered Authentic meals. Observe your favorite recipes in action in the open kitchen experience.


Pelawatta, Battaramulla
#424, Pannipitiya Road, Palawatta, Battaramulla.
011 2 073 218

Have you ever been to a live kitchen experience? Well then, this is the place for you. Come enjoy this awe-inspiring food-in-action extravaganza. Also, we have minimized the hustle with ample parking space for our beloved clients. Not to miss out on the soothing ambiance for your ever-deserved getaway.

The kitchen is a mini chemistry lab

Our native chef and food preparation staff expertly blend herbs, vegetables, and other ingredients for delectable flavor and health benefits. The ideal cooking temperature preserves critical nutrients for optimum health.

Freshly prepared Thai cuisine has several health benefits that go beyond simply gratifying your taste senses.